Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Crazy Crazy Weather

When we drove to Richmond on Saturday it was snowing, enough to stick to the ground, but the roads were clear. Zach already had a snowman made, which was waiting at the curb. By afternoon it was sunny and most of all the snow was gone. Sunday, Rebecca and I took the kids to Maymont, a park, zoo, garden and more in downtown Richmond. It was chilly, but the sun was shinning. Monday the temperatures were close to 70. Beautiful day! Tuesday we drove home in more snow, and the closer to home the heavier it got. The wind blew up to50 MPH, and even blew down a hanger in the red-iron stage of construction – obviously a tornado. As we got out of the car we heard multiple claps of thunder, as this as it snowed like crazy. By mid afternoon the snow was gone and we were in the 50’s. Crazy crazy weather.

Monday, as we were getting ready to pack the car and drive home I decided to made a call to CrossRidge and our agent said, “when can you come pick a lot?” As you can imagine, I said, “when do you want us to be there?” So at 2:30 we were out in that beautiful sun, looking at our choices. We were fortunate in that only one lot away from out first choice, we were able to pick one that was in the first phase of construction. As it turned out, Phase 1 contained 10 spec homes and only 2 free lots. Phase II and Phase III had the majority of lots. The base price of the homes went up $7,000 from Phase I, to II and again to III. You can imagine we were very pleased to take advantage of being in the first Phase. So lot 21 is ours and we go in the morning to Richmond again to sign a contract.

Lot 21
I won’t bore you too much with lot details, how exciting is a piece of dirt anyhow? But, (LOL) our lot will back to an existing neighborhood with 1950-60 era brick homes on big deep lots. Between our neighborhoods is a buffer of woods and a protected area that is watershed. To my understanding, it has to be maintained and CrossRidge even has to do more plantings behind us . We feel like this will be a better view out the back of our house where the living areas are. Had we picked across the street we would also have been backed by a neighborhood, but of multistory homes, with a fence and rather sparse trees between us. These existing homes look right down into the back yards of the new homes. So, we hope our home site will have more privacy, and afford some wildlife because of the woods, water and protective vegetation. Time will tell.

Tomorrow we go back to Richmond and sign on the dotted line. Whew, lots to think of and Eric (bless his soul) has been crunching numbers and we have compiled lists of choices, questions, etc. I think we will both feel better when we get past tomorrow. The final selections (colors of carpet, walls, counters, hardware, etc....) is April 15. The projected closing date is the first week in September. Of course all this is subjective, and depends on you know what, crazy crazy weather!

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