Thursday, March 31, 2005

Kitten goes psychotic

They say animals know when a natural disaster is coming, If so, it must have happened while Silly was cleaning, eating or out and someone just forgot to notify her to pull her off alert. For some reason, unknown to the humans who live here, she has had ants in her pants all day long. I mean, this cat, who normally sleeps 6-8 hours during the day, has not sat still 5 minutes. She has paced, looked startled, and gone in and out of the cockpit about 10 times an hour since early this morning. She has wanted to go in the bilge, behind the drawers, behind the cushions ..... What ever she is looking for she can’t find. What ever she hears, no one else hears. We thought at first the pile driver working across the way in the housing development was upsetting her. It stopped at noon, and she still is checking for boogers at midnight. She has not had a cap nap, or even a mini cap nap all day.

Sock Feet on DeckSo, what have the rest of us done today? I can say, proudly, I have finished two pairs of socks. Not one, but two! DH now has a spare, significant now that the temperatures are moving beyond sock weather. At least he will be ready for next winter!! He played on the computer, picked up mail, and let the cat in and out of the door 500 times. The cat paced. I knit. Then, I went out in the sunshine. Then I went to yoga! It was all in all a fine day, inspite of psychotic kittens.

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