Thursday, March 17, 2005


HolidayWell Erin Go Brah to all of you Irish out there .... This fellow may really be flipping that coin to see if winter is over here as advertized today on the news.

The noon TV news today, St. Patrick’s Day, retired the “snowflake” the weathermen wear on their coats during newscasts to show they are predicting snow. I’d say not a day too soon, spring is coming this weekend some say. The news anchor said, “we have seen the last snow until next December”. Well, I don’t want to go crazy here, but that would be a nice change! We have had really ugly weather the last two days, and a change would be nice. Although we only saw a few flakes, the area has been getting on and off snow for two days because of very cold high altitude temperatures. Hampton Roads has been about 17 degrees below normal for weeks and weeks. A very long winter. Not ugly, but long.

Water – frozen snow, right? Well in this case I am referring to running water. Yes!!! We now have water to the boat again. Since January 11th, we have had water 4 days. Both those times it was turned on briefly to allow people to fill their tanks. I figure that is about 60 days without water this year alone. Oh boy, maybe this is the last time to be without water!

Other news of note, in case you didn’t notice, there is a link now in my main blog for the new house news. I thought I’d separate it too, as how exciting is a house to some people. Anyhow, the link is in the sidebar .... Just a click away.

Mom and Dad, I know you’ll be excited to be at Mike’s house. I say, next year, we all meet in Richmond! Maybe in April, we can celebrate Mom and Dad’s birthdays together.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the weathermen there are right, they sure have "balls" to make such a strong statement about snow! It wasn't unusual to have snow in March in both OH and VA, but I truly hope they are right and you are done with it! Have I just checked too soon on your house link? I clicked, nothing there. It will be fun to see what you put on it, and to hear of the progress as the house is built! Take care and more later, the folks will call this evening, I think.