Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm Home at Last

We are all so excited that Michelle has gotten to go home with her mom and dad and grandma.We didn't go into great detail about the events of last week, but it turns out that Michelle wasn't really ill after all. Her one week of deluxe accomodations in NICU were just a event for babybook history now - only she had to endure all those pricks and sticks for nothing. What a girl doesn't go through for attention! NOT!!!
I hope her daddy doesn't mind me using his photo - but she just looks too cute and happy to be at home!

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Earl and Belle said...

9:30 AM Fri. Hi Jo just checked your link on Lufkin Homeplace and it worked fine. Looked at pictures for house on Flicker and we are impressed for sure. Your home ashore is really going up fast! I have been just been asked if I was going to vacuum today - guess I better do that. Supposed to go to lunch at Catfish King at noon - probably get chicken strips. Love You All - Dad and Mom