Thursday, June 09, 2005

And now we have summer

Obviously we are now full into summer heat. I see the weathermen are already watching a tropical storm headed for the Gulf of Mexico. I can only hope that this year is not a repeat of last year or the year before. Mike and Sally are preparing with special window coverings, and we are prepared with extra lines! Not much else we can do.

Today started and ended on a cool note, but it was near 90 mid day when I was making my way home from doing laundy. I can seriously say I am not going to miss going to a laundomat. I can hardly wait for a washer and dryer! We even discovered last night (DH discovered) that with the house plan flipped we will not have the washer and dryer doors opening opposite each other(i.e. back to back). The dryer will be to the right, with the door opening right, and the washer will be on the left with the door opening left! A smooth move from one to the other! We thought we were going to have to swap their positions (as they place the dryer & its vent on the outside wall).

We noted tonight we have a foundation inspection scheduled for tomorrow, so we are excited about that! Progress! We still don't know when we are going to go up to Richmond, though it should be this weekend.

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