Saturday, June 11, 2005

Pictures and news later!

The kitten is scowling at us again, she only got five shrimp for dinner and now she has thrown herself down on the floor in weakness. Of course, she keeps raising her head and looking up to see if anyone is watching her pitiful condition. I guess she is waiting for her nightly brushing too. She has gotten so spoiled to this new routine she rolls from side to side and even lets you brush her tummy. Pitiful, guess we need to change her name to the Pitiful Perfect Purring Princess with Prissy Paws. She was PPPPP for short, but will now have to be PPPPPP.

Well on a discouraging note, the house failed it’s first inspection of the foundation. It appears from what we can decipher looking at the permits online that the plans submitted don’t match what they actually build for a footing. Since we added a bay window and an extension, our bet is the plans the workers are working from are different than the set of master plans the county has on file. Since our plan is one of the variations, and the first to be built with this change, we are hopeful this is all a matter of a minor mixup. We are going to to to Richmond in the morning, so we can see what is going on ourselves.

So as they say, pictures and news later! We should have some shots of dirt and brick soon.

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