Friday, August 19, 2005

Back in Richmond

Just a short note tonight to let family know we are back in Richmond, after wrapping up all the paperwork for the furniture.We finally signed the paperwork for our furniture on Friday afternoon and headed back to the hotel. On a closer check of the contract we found that the computer had somehow reverted back to the original full price for shipping (we had been given a 25% discount) .... so a quick call confirmed it was in fact wrong and we would have to have the contract reprinted and signed again. So this morning we went back, met the salesperson who worked with us and got it all straightened out. She said the company has been tweaking the contract computer program and this was a glich that no one could figure out. It printed one number on one page, a different on a second for the same value. To make a boring story short, we did get the discount and we are done!

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Sally said...

What an adventure, but one I imagine you are glad to be done with. Glad you were able to get the shipping sorted out, and get your discount back. Do you feel amazed that it took so long to get all the furniture picked out, or are you amazed you got it done so quickly? I am sure you will be glad to see Becky's. Our best to you all!