Monday, August 08, 2005

Getting ready to HAUL

Today was busy for us. We are one day before boat haul out, and had lots of details to take care of that really needed to wait until today. Besides packing clothes, and another batch of things to leave in storage, we also had to defrost the freezer and empty the refrigerator into our igloo chest. This is the chest we found on the dock that someone threw away. We sent it to Igloo and had the motor repaired and it works like a charm now. So it’s humming away. We took off the extra hurricane lines, so they are stowed away. Snacks are packed, and we’re both roaming around trying to think of what we might have forgotten. You’d think we were going to be away for a month.

While Eric was out moving things from the boat to the cart to take to the truck the boat next to us had a power malfunction and their power cord went up in smoke where it plugs into the pedestal on the main dock. Luckily he was there when it happened. So, during the packing we also had no AC for awhile as Jerry and Eric made repairs. Thank goodness today was overcast and we didn’t really get hot. Of course it rained, so now the awnings are wet. Not good.

Silly knows something is up, and she isn’t excited about what she thinks is going to happen. Now whenever she sees a box in our hands she goes and hides. Smart Kitty! She’ll not like it in the morning when we crank up the boat engine. They she’ll be in her crate, and then in the car, and then back with the monsters grandkids and dogs. Oh what fun for her. Little does she know she’ll be back in the truck the next day for the trip to NC.

So, tomorrow is an adventure. We haven’t had the boat out in the bay since the summer after Zack was born. Hopefully it will be a smooth trip. It is supposed to be cooler, in the 80’s, so at least that will make standing around in the boat yard a bit better. They always tend to be hot places, obviously no trees for shade. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.


Sally said...

Was glad you had cooler weather, since the AC had to be off for the next boat over repairs. It sounds like you and Eric have things well in hand for the move from the boat for the scraping. I hope you have a good visit with Becky's, and on to NC. It is nice/amazing the number of places that allow small pets, thank goodness! We had no problems with that on the trip down here. Or during our bug out for the hurricane last summer! Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

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