Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Scene of Design


Our table in the design center at Furniturelandsouth. There is a design center in each of the two main buildings. Each is set up with tables for the customers to work. You are free to leave things on the table and a reserved sign assures you that everything will be there when you get back. A very nice serivce, they even supply paper, pencils, tape, graph paper and have copy machines and scanners you can use for a small cost. The unique thing about this place is the size of the area. There are at least 50 tables in the design rooms, and one entire wall is natural light. The fabrics are hung by manufacturer, and in the center bookcases are all the catalogs for each. It is always full of people hunched over floor plans. Some are customers and some are professional interior designers who come to pick out items for an entire home. Our designer said some of the homes she has seen are pretty amazing, especially homes in the Middle East where women have separate quarters for living and sleeping than the men.

Today we finished up all our selections and tomorrow morning we will sign over the $$$$'s and then go visit the bargain store. That's if we have any money left!

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Sally said...

How very very cool! I am sure the whole place is really neat, and it sure sounds customer friendly!!! I am sure this must be a lot of fun in some ways, starting fresh and picking just what you want to go into your totally new home. It should be really impressive!!!! Have fun at the discount place!