Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Good Intentions

I out smarted myself this morning. I packed up all the laundry, library books, and computer and went up to the office and worked on the blogs. After finishing with the computer I went to the library and on to the grocery store to get a small salad for lunch to eat as the clothes washed. Drove all the way to the place and realized (at least before I parked and unloaded clothes) that I had forgotten my quarters. In my consolidation efforts for the morning I had only taken my car key and credit cards, so I wouldn't have to carry so many bags - thus no real money.

Guess what I'll do tomorrow?

Unless we head back to the house - so we can check those lists!


Latest and greatest from Henrico County building permit office


Sally said...

At least you got the other things done, even if not the laundry! A shame after all your good consolidation of chores though. The house is looking great, I am sure you and Eric are so excited, and I hope the odd--undesired---changes, problems, etc, don't end up bugging you too much! Is there hope for getting your dining room half walls back???? We have them in the dining room and living room and really like them! Although ours aren't really half, maybe 1/3???

Sally said...
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