Thursday, August 18, 2005

What about this color?

Originally uploaded by Joanna Root.
This was taken last week, when we were trying to pick colors for the second sofa that was just right - but also turned out not to be a finalist because it did not come as a loveseat. Since then, Eric has visited each piece of furniture we purchased and sat in it at least two times a day. We are amazed that some people actually buy sofas and chairs just by how they look, never sitting in them at all. Apparantly it is not at all uncommon.


Sally said...

I can't imagine NOT trying them out! Some that look the nicest are horrible to sit in. My first thought, though, was---wow, nice looking chair! I think that is great that Eric tries the final picks out everyday. Very smart!

Sally said...

OOPS, sofa??

rooter said...

In the future, would you please screen your pictures better! You don't need to show everyone all my gray hairs (which were blonde in 1997 before certain people and kittens moved aboard).