Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April Showers - still waiting

Eric and I are eager for some rain. Trees are greening up and there are an abundance of cherry trees and redbuds in bloom. I even see signs of leaves on the dogwoods. Of course we say redbuds and wysteria in bloom in Texas, and here they are just beginning to show color. It has been interesting to see Spring in it's different stages as we worked our way west, and then back east. Today we drove about 100 miles north, and it was noticeable how much greener it is here in Glen Allen.

We continue working in the garage to clear out boxes and get things sorted again. I know I have to take a hard look at most of this stuff, but it is so difficult to part with things. I know, I know, I won't live long enough to sew and or knit up everything I have or would like to work on. But, I can hope.

We went to IKEA this morning, always an interesting store to shop in. We picked out two other units for the sewing room that I had looked at on the previous trip in December. Today we got a smaller bookcase and a corner unit. Once home, we spent about 3 hours getting everything together. I am always amazed how easily their furniture goes together. My only real problem with their things is how heavy the boxes are to handle. Eric did a great job getting it all in place, so tomorrow I will put in shelves and can open boxes of books and keep on working away.

We also made a quick trip into Lowes for some more plants. I should be able to get pictures of iris this week, as they will be the last to bloom in the front beds. We have had a nice show of color for the last 6 weeks at least. I'll recount our plant purchases later.


Sally said...

How cool! Glad things are moving along, and that you found the units you wanted at IKEA!

Sally said...

I just looked through your photos on flickr, really great! What is that white stuff all over everything??? haha. Loved the photos of the kids! The house looks great!