Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What is this picture about?

Where's Waldo?Can you see what is going on in this picture? When I looked out the window and saw this action I really could not believe what I was seeing. I even wondered aloud, "Am I still in America?" "Would (could) an American do this?" I bet you will never guess! Give up? Yes, No? Well, if you can't guess then I'll give you a hint. Click on the picture .... I think you will be surprised, and like me, feel sorry. Yes, he is carrying these logs with a strap tied around his head. Ouch.

This is our lawn crew, hauling wood out of the woods behind our house. What I couldn't get a picture of was them climbing the incline to get these logs to the lot above them. Not an easy job. It made me kind of sad to see them working like this, because I do think there could have been a way for them to have an easier time of it. Enviromental area or not, surely they shouldn't have had to carry these so far. I don't think you would see an American working this hard, and sure not for as little as I suspect these men make an hour.


Sally said...

I think some people have much tougher heads than you and I do. I will never forget the little Italian man who used a strap like that, braced along his forehead, to steady our REFRIGERATOR, and carried it up 4 flights of stairs, all by himself. He wasn't much taller than me! One tough man, that is for sure.

Mike said...

Rats! I was going to tell Sally's refrigerator story, and she beat me to it!