Sunday, April 30, 2006

The upcoming week

At times it seems nothing is going on, but the coming week promises to be exciting, or at least full of activities.

The most exciting event will be Mayellen's arrival on Friday night from Texas. I pray our weather here in Virginia has warmed up by then. It seems we are under an unseasonable cool down weather event. Mayellen and I are planning visits to Williamsburg and the beach (Hampton), as well as a trip to see the Ginter Botanical Gardens here in Richmond.

Thursday morning at 9:30 am Zack will "graduate" from his 3 yr old preschool program. So, Nana will be there with camera, and hopefully he and all his class will perform well! It should be fun to see them. It's just hard to believe that a school year has ended.

I also have two appointments for PT for my feet. Remarkably, it seems that the exercises and the new shoes are already helping. I have a new series of exercises, some different, and some done differently. The man who fitted my shoes took a great deal of time, nearly an hour. In the end I have the orthotic insets I originally got 6 months ago, trimmed and altered differently for each foot, and also a heel cup in only my right shoe. I seems the right foot was over arching, trying to be "longer". The shoes are New Balance by the way, very comfortable.

Well, enough news for now. Hopefully between getting ready for company, having two swim classes and two Pt sessions and more than likely a grocery trip, etc etc I'll still have some time to update the blog!

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Sally said...

Hurrah! Some relief at last! I was so glad to hear it.