Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve and the stockings are hung!

It looks like Santa will need some radar to get here, we are very cloudy and generally a gray looking day. We watched Tim Allen and the Santa movie last night on TV, always cute to see stories about grown-up coming to “believe” again in Santa.

It got me thinking about Santa and days past. I think one of my first memories of Christmas is being at my grandma Walters house, asleep upstairs and hearing Christmas Carols being sung outside, and bells. I don’t know if it was friends of my aunts and uncles who were still teenagers, or just who it was, but I know I was pretty excited about hearing the sleigh bells. Christmas was always a huge affair at my grandma’s as there were so many cousins – 19 in all – we were a house full! Here’s their names (I cheated) - and just think, I think these 19 cousins have better than 41 kids, and now there are grandkids for them!!!

Darren, Denise, Doreen, Deanna (Armstrong – Mae and Gordon); Stephen, Phillip, Andy, Bill, Tim (Goold – Lucille and Dick ); Becky, Mark, Paul, Mary and David (Rowley – Peggy and Jay), Karen and Kevin (Walters – Ray and Jo); Cindy, (Jeffers, Delores and Roy) and Mike and I (Walters – Earl and Annabelle).

Seeing this list makes me think it is high time for the Walters to attempt a family reunion again. Nothing like a good idea for the new year! I may have to write to the aunts and uncles and us put some thought to that.

Well everyone, tomorrow we head for Richmond. Eric and I are excited to see the wonder of Christmas through the eyes of Maddie and Zack. I wish all of us could be together – maybe next year we will invite everyone to Virginia!

Merry Christmas and God Bless

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