Sunday, December 26, 2004

The day after Christmas ....

Well it has been quite a weekend! We arrived in Richmond just before three and Zack met us in the driveway. He said, Nana, I’ve been waiting for you all day! How sweet was that! Maddie was all smiles (because she managed to pull one over the grown ups and skip a nap!) and Rebecca and Tom were all ready to begin the second round of gifts for the day. Eric and I both enjoyed watching the kids, and Becky and Tom open gifts .... And it seems like everyone was happy with their presents. Zach played Santa by the way, he recognizes his own name!

Tom made a super dinner, we had lasagna and sauce and salad. It was very very good!  Both the kids were getting pretty tired by supper, but really did good for such a long day. After baths they tucked into bed without too much fuss and the adults watched a movie.

This morning we got up pretty early, and as Eric had seen the weather and they said it might snow, we decided to head home early. We left at 10 am. The first 45 minutes of the trip were uneventful, but the next 45 miles took nearly 3 1/2 hours. The snow was big and wet and juicy, and the closer we got to home, the more it was coming down. We say one car off the road, and I think that was the one accident that slowed traffic so much. The only service truck we saw on our side of the highway said Tidewater parking lot maintenance - !!! Maybe he was helping a friend.

We stopped at the grocery for bread and milk (almost gone)  and we managed to get aboard without getting too wet, unpacked and then went out on the deck to clear paths and get buildup off the canvas roof that covers the cockpit. We had close to six inches here, by our estimates. I also made a snowman for Zachary and we took a picture for him. It could have been bigger believe me – the snow was perfect for rolling .... But I had almost forgotten how heavy wet snow was. We managed one about as tall as Zachary and called it quits. I couldn’t get his radish eyes and raisin mouth to stay on – but managed the carrot nose. Lucky I had some nice big knitting needles to hold the gloves! It was fun.

So now we are snug aboard, it is dark and the snow has stopped. It is supposed to warm up gradually, but then the weather man may be wrong – he had said 1-2 inches of snow for here!! We could be slick with ice, but hopefully everything will warm up nicely and our Christmas snow will just be a happy memory!

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