Thursday, December 23, 2004

Happy Birthday

Today is a special day for all of us – DGD Madeline is One today, and Sally, SIL,  is 29! Hurray for the girls in the family! I always feel like people who have a birthday near Christmas are a bit cheated as far as gifts are concerned. I don’t know if that is true or not, what do you think Sally? Do you have any good ideas how to celebrate in a neat way?

Yoga was delightful last night, best of all was a gift of Chocolate – yummy chocolate. What more could you want?

Christmas music helped put Eric and I in the Christmas spirit today. Otherwise we had a warm day, but it was very windy. Not a pretty day at all. I am still trying to solve WUNWTAGC – even listening to most of our 270+ Christmas songs did not solve that puzzle. I am counting on Mike or Sally to solve this one – or maybe someone who listens to more radio than me ... Maybe Anne!

Anne, since you are on logger too – have you figured out a way to add links? Or is it dependent on the template you use? I notice some of the templates have them in the side panel, but mine doesn’t.  If you add in that code into you template would it add links? (Of course that means I would have to figure out which code controlled that aspect of the page) LOL.

Tomorrow! Christmas Eve!

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Ana Banana said...

Take a look at my blog... I racked my brains and did the figuring for you. If you need any help you know where I am!