Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Monday news ....

We only got a trace of snow, barely dusted the docks. For us, the real event was the 40 knot winds that turned on about midnight, and roared all night. The over night temperatures here were 12-14 degrees according to the TV weather gurus. That gave us a wind chill of minus 2. Neither of us, or the cat either for that matter, ventured out to see what –2 felt like. It made me think of the horror stories my brother used to tell about getting off work in Omaha in the middle of the night, with every exposed part freezing as you walked in the cold to your car. I decided his experience was enough for me. Bad enough that I had to wear my Cuddle Duds (long underwear) under my jeans.

The highlight of my day was making Gumbo. I still don’t like the available sausage found in local groceries, nothing compares with sausage from Eunice Louisiana. However, since that’s not available I just have to make do. It still turned out pretty good if I do say so, and I enjoyed both bowls (small) I ate, and I have enough for tomorrow at lunch too. Eric, not having any Cajun genes, either acquired by marriage or otherwise, made chili. He did live in Texas quite a while, so I guess Chili is OK for his comfort food. Silly liked neither, but did get a small piece of chicken when I was cutting up the ingredients for the gumbo. She was so cold this morning she helped finish my oatmeal. She is one strange kitten.

Rebecca had an exciting day, 30 minutes to get both kids into snowsuits, and 5 minutes in the snow before they got too cold! She called twice, bored with being cooped up inside; they had already been to the grocery store (what a highlight expedition), and it was too cold for the usual park outing she and the kids take most days. Zach was highly disappointed that the snow was so powdery, he was sure he was going to create a snow man, and couldn't even make a snow ball. It reminded me of the many times as a child in Oregon that the snow was unsuitable for play. However, I do remember some snow forts and sled rides. Mike has the Walters family sled now,  in Florida and I think he has earmarked it for my grandkids. However, now that he will be a grandpa soon the sled may have to come back to him again after Zack and Maddie use it. We’ll have to negotiate that I guess!

No knitting or anything constructive today, unless you count the excellent nap. Listening to the wind howl and hearing the boat grind against the pilings (protected by fenders – but still grinding) didn’t make for very good sleeping last night. I remedied that this afternoon. Eric has requested another pair of wool socks, so I’ll get them started tomorrow.

Water temps are going down, so the main heater is lagging. We have the two space heaters out and if the past is any example, we will be toasty warm.

The forecasters are hinting about snow for Christmas, not sure if the are just kidding us or are serious. If it does happen, then we may not make the Christmas Eve trip to Richmond, which will be a disappointment.

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