Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The thaw that didn't!

In spite of lots of sun today, and a good bit of wind we still have lots of snow on the ground. The docks have footprints, but no one made any attempt to shovel a path. We didn’t get much above freezing during the day and tonight's low is going to be 20. We spent the morning hearing hunks of ice fall from the mast, sails and rigging lines – and there is still plenty hanging up there to come down yet. The deck is at least mostly dry and our finger pier is dry as Eric swept it off. Although the city of Hampton has done a superb job of cleaning the main streets the neighborhood is still pretty slushy and icy.

We made these observations when we went out to the grocery store again for rolls. Bread and milk are still in short supply there. We heard on the news this evening that there were 586 car accidents between yesterday when the snow started and noon today! I can only imagine what it will be like tomorrow when everything that melted today freezes into a slick sheet. Potentially tomorrow will be more dangerous for driving, many places closed today and tomorrow there will be more traffic as business open back up. At least the kids are all home!

The big event of the day, after the grocery store, was a boot shopping expedition for Eric at the Red Wing store. This might not sound too exciting, but to a man who prefers no shoes, boots are a big deal! He wore them in pilot training (30 years ago) – actually a habit he picked up from Ron. He really liked them then, and I convinced him he needed some new ones. He experienced the shock of the same thing I noticed, as you age your feet get bigger (oh joy). Anyhow we got him a nice pair and he is very pleased with how they look. We waterproofed them tonight – since the snow won’t be going away anytime soon.  He choked when he heard the price, but hey – it has been 30 years, right? I told him they’ll last him forever, and he agreed. As land lubbers to be, he needed a nice looking pair of shoes in addition to his deck shoes. We are both happy with his choice.

In light of the boots, I am knitting faster. I have now turned the heels on both socks, and doing cuffs now. I start at the toes, my personal preference, as you can try them on for fit. Anyhow, I am working a couple inches a day on the socks, and will go until the yarn runs out. This is yarn I liberated from a thrift store wool sweater. I feel too thrifty!

The other good news, we are supposed to be in the 60’s by New Year’s Eve, with lows in the 40’s!  I guess that means we will at least get water turned on again in a few days. Maybe another picture tomorrow.

Until later ...

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