Wednesday, December 22, 2004


We are going for the extremes here – today it is mid 50 and tomorrow will be 60. Only two days away from the frigid weather of last weekend. The poor cat is so confused. She would poke her head outside and twitch this past Monday; today she is spread out in her “I’m warm” pose.

This warm up is deceiving though, the main heater gave a loud shutter and shake and gave up the ghost this morning. When the water temp. gets about 42 or so, it is all over as far as the heat exchanger is concerned. So, out come all the space heaters and we now play move the heaters depending on what time of the day it is and where we want heat! I actually think the small heaters make the boat more comfortable, but then what do I know?

I got up this morning and made a batch of trash (Chex mix) to include in the Christmas ditty bags I put together for my Yoga buddies. Nothing, extravagant, a candle, a bath scrubby, a CD of soft Christmas carols and trash.... How’s that for spreading Peace, Joy, Love and Light? That is our Yoga mantra at the end of each class, also fitting for Christmas I thought. We’ll meet at 5:30 and have a small get together before class.

Our marina manager gave us an early Christmas gift, a gift certificate for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. The one we wanted to take Mom and Dad to when they were here. You may remember we went there for our anniversary. It has good food, and a great view.

The socks are up to the gussets, so maybe they will have heels by the end of tomorrow. It all depends on how long I stay awake tonight!

The local weathermen now say no snow for Christmas, so it looks like our way to Richmond will be clear and Eric will leave a space heater on for us to be able to leave the boat. Oh good ..... I would have been disappointed.

We watched Tom Hanks on TV tell about making “Polar Express”. It is really an amazing movie from the clips I have seen, and the way it was shot is pretty ground-breaking for computer animation geeks. I guess this is the first movie of this kind made. Eric’s train friends (on his Yahoo train group) that have seen the movie say the train makes the movie worth seeing, even with out the super story. I’d love to take Zachary to see it after the holidays; I know he has the book and I think he would enjoy the movie too.

Tomorrow, knit knit and knit some more, and go to the Laundromat. Don’t think it would be kosher to show up for Christmas dinner with a load of laundry!

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