Sunday, November 27, 2005


We had company over the holidays and it was a treat to have a house full of family and friends at different times. Jennifer came from D.C. and spent three days with us and visiting with Rebecca. Jen was babysitter to Rebecca when she was a baby! It was fun to see Jen with Becky's two kidos. Unfortunately, Maddie was under the weather almost the entire holiday time, as she came down with an ear infection and had a pretty miserable and uncomfortable time. The two little one's did enjoy having another person to talk to and play with though and Jen was happy to oblige.

We didn't do the mad Friday shopping thing as reported on TV and in the paper, opting instead to spend the time here at home, or as in Jen's case, exercising. Tom took Jen to the gym twice, and I took care of Maddie one morning while Becky had to work. In all it was a low key time, with plenty of eating, talking and just being together.

Jen and I had a great time looking at recipe's and talking about the people we remember from Panama. She has a better recollection, though I have to remember that it was her part of her childhood, (where memories are made), and I was in the throes of raising two little kids. Not exactully the same thing! Anyhow, we swapped memories and recipes and Jen even cooked up an Italian dish for one dinner after we had demolished all the turkey.

I was able to gift Jen with her Christmas Stocking, and she said, "it's about time I finally got one!" Anyhow, she is happy with the stocking, no matter how long it took her to get one. It is always fun to knit something for someone who appreciates it.

Today we are relaxing, as we will have more company tomorrow when Mary and Beth come for a few days.

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