Saturday, November 12, 2005

Confused - but in good company

Oh oh We continue to have pretty, sunny and nice weather, and it seems that since we are above normal (on the average 4 of the last six weeks) the ground is not as cold as it should be to make bulbs think it has been winter. As you can see, someone, and a lot of it's bulby friends, has decided to make an early appearance for spring. At this rate, when spring finally comes (after winter finally comes of course) the bulbs will have long since disappeared. Not the picture of garden color I anticipated!

On the home front, Z and M came yesterday for the afternoon while Becky stayed home to pack for their trip to Florida. They left for a week this morning at 5:30 a.m. - yep, kind of early, especially for Becky and Tom! The kids and I cooked banana bread from scratch. Z was in charge of squishing bananas and mixing. Maddie helped butter the loaf pan. She loves to eat butter, I wonder where she got that from? (I remember eating butter!) Anyhow, the mixmaster was fascinating to Zack and the finished result was eaten and enjoyed by all - except DH of course, who doesn't eat bananas or nuts! I sent a large slice home with Tom for a late night or early morning snack and I enjoyed a nice piece with my morning coffee.

Come on over, there is plenty for company!

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Sally said...

So where are they going in Florida, and are they taking the kids or are they staying with you???? No bananas or nuts???? what does the poor man eat? Sounds like you and Z and M had a good time with the banana bread, in any case.