Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Morning

Things are pretty exciting here at home central. Last night Becky and the kiddo's came while Tom was at hockey. She, Zack and I cut out pumpkins for her Sunday morning CCD lesson - I think they still call it CCD. Anyhow, she also brought over the rug for my sewing room. (It was delivered to her house just in case we were out of town - Wishful thinking). Anyhow, the kids took baths and changed into their P.J.'s for the trip home and left about 8. While Eric was seeing them out, the neighbors next door came home and discovered they were locked out. So, we invited them over, goggled up a Locksmith on the computer (Who needs a phone book nowadays!) and sat and talked until he arrived!

This morning we will be on the coupon clipping routine, and also trying to figure out how many are coming for Thanksgiving Dinner. We know for sure the Edicolas are coming, and maybe Jennifer and perhaps Mary and Beth, with another possible friend of Toms. Since we have 8 chairs, and 6 plates it should be interesting! More news about that as it develops.

Notice in the sidebar two new links! One is to Quilts and Blankeys Sally's new crafting blog, and the second is Michelle's Web Cam! So far, lots of sleeping going on at the webcam! I'll try to make a cute button for their blogs, but it will have to be later.

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Sally said...

Hi Jo!!!!---saw you were going to do buttons later, but then scrolled on down, and saw that you had done buttons for my craft blog, Michelle's web cam, and Christine's blog!!!!! Cute! But, they don't show when you click on "read more". I guess that is just a technicality at this point. In any case, the buttons are great!