Monday, November 14, 2005

Déjà Vu

Unexpected Well, you all remember this famous picture? A lot of cliches come to my mind like - "Been there - Done that"! Then there are songs like, "Play it again, Sam"! What ever phrase you choose, it's still the same song, just the second verse. 11 more days of enforced rest! Yikes! Though I have been given permission to cook dinner and to do light housekeeping, but no power shopping trips. Eric will at least finally get a break! The doctor got a good chuckle when I told him my husband had asked how much I had paid him (the doctor) to wrap up my foot the first time. There is some improvement, and the doc seems to think this extended rest will do the trick. I asked what happened next if it is not better next time and he said we'd have to see, maybe an MRI. I think he feels like it just needs a wee bit more time. Better safe than sorry, oops, sorry - another cliche!

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Sally said...

Oh geez... although I was looking around online about foot problems, and it seems that so many of them, rest is what they recommend. It often heals all ills. I am sorry though that you are stuck with the lovely boot so much longer, although I imagine you and Eric are both glad you can resume some of the cooking and household chores? I hope it helps!!!!!!!! The boot and rest, I mean, not the household chores!