Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't this!

I met the podiatrist this morning. He was very congenial, a bit older than I, very distinguished looking with a full head of white hair and a white beard. Funny, my podiatrist in Lufkin had a beard too. Don't think it is a requirement, do you? I liked him a lot and he seemed very competent. The office was fairly busy, but he took plenty of time with me, almost an hour. I had x-rays made and of course his exam. He diagnosed heel spurs on both feet, with the left being the worse. He prescribed a NSAID, Lodine for me to take daily. I was glad to get a new prescription, because the one's I have been taking for the last month are more than expired. Anyhow, he seemed to think the NSAID would help, but this would help even more.

Unexpected To say this was a surprise was an understatement. He put on something called an Unna Boot, which from what I gathered reading more about it on the Internet is not the shoe thing but the compression bandages underneath. The real kicker is that I have to wear this thing for 12 days and stay off my feet. Showers in a plastic bag! Oh boy!

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