Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Furniture Snafu

We waited most of the day yesterday, until nearly 3 pm in fact, for the furniture truck to arrive. We were excited, as we were expecting the 5 piece unit that will span the living room wall and hold all the boxes and gizmos associated with TV. Not to mention of course, the TV itself. I have really looked forward to getting the television up off the floor. We unplugged about 100 cables and wires and labeled them (well more like 30) and moved all the boxes out of the way. We measured and placed tape on the carpet so the delivery men would know where to begin the first piece. We were ready! Well prepared as good scouts.

First in the house were the two chairs for the dining room that didn't pass muster the first delivery. Next came the leather ottoman and then leather chair. Lovely! Finally they brought in the first of the 5 pieces, an end cabinet and right away I saw a split in the top of the side trim. Eric agreed it was not acceptable and went out to the truck to tell the guys, and by then they had unwrapped the center unit. Unfortunately it had a huge gash along the back of one side. Looked like a strap from a dolly had crunched it. It never even got unloaded off the truck. They looked at two of the other pieces, and found damage to them also, and so it all went back. Boo Hoo.

In the big scheme of things, it's not awful, but it sure is annoying. The chair by the way is as comfortable as we remembered and looks feels (and smells) wonderful. Silly has already decided she likes it, as she can lay on me while I stretch out my legs. We spent the evening admiring the blank wall and commenting on how well the new wall unit blended into the room. Looks like it almost isn't even there!

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