Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005 - a New Year begins!

Today dawned with brilliant sunlight and only a few clouds; if that is any indicator or omen for the future year I am happy. It is warm, well above 60 and a coat is not even needed. After the frigid days before Christmas this is a welcomed and appreciated gift! Even the water has been turned back on, but of course, only our dock is without, as some of our dock pipes had major leaks. However, if we do have to haul water, we won’t have to go all the way to shore, only to the next dock.

I have a long list of resolutions going in my mind, but no, don’t worry I am not going to share them! Suffice to say, I have meager success most years with keeping my resolutions, so I won’t set myself up to see them in black and white a few months from now and say ahhhh – I was going to do that wasn’t I?

The Best of 2004 pictures should be in Flickr before the end of the day, and if I don’t run out of time this afternoon (the marina office closes early) I hope to get them labeled and ready for everyone to see. Once they are up and ready, I will post again and let everyone know. Picking the ones I thought marked highlights of the year gave me a good chance to look at all the pictures again and marvel at how much the grandkids have changed! The three quilts I made were fun and much appreciated by the grandkids. I didn’t include pictures of any knitting projects, but I did accomplish quite a few finished projects on that front too. I looked at my book list and I read 49 books, down some from previous years. That is probably because I now knit some of the time I used to read. Too bad I can’t do both (like some people do) at the same time.

We spoke with house people again this week, and they indicate that MAYBE, just maybe they might be able to tell us something next Wednesday. I am not holding my breath, but if they don’t move along soon, we will move along somewhere else! I understand they had had vacation time too, and closing for homes that were finished and ready, but come on ..... It’s not like we are the only folks standing in line waiting. Maybe that’s the problem, they have more than enough folks waiting so they are in no hurry.

Next weekend is the train show in Virginia Beach. Eric and I are looking forward to going to see layouts. Hopefully we won’t have to buy anything .... But you know how that is. He is looking forward to setting up his trains in a new house and I can’t blame him.

Well enough chatter for today ...
Happy New Year

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