Monday, January 10, 2005

Just errands

Today has been eventful, but not exciting. The captain and I (mostly him with me listening in the wings) managed to complete a financial transaction in the event that the house contract moves along; we will be ready with funds. Of course this only took him about 3 sets of phone calls, and as usual, every one of the people he spoke to offered different instructions! How does any business work when it's employee's are so inexperienced (note I didn't say stupid). Only a supervisor can give the right answers .... and even then when he got to the bank they said, “we have never heard of that kind of form” .... which is what the other person said they had to have! SO then another phone call .... makes you wonder how anything gets done.

While he was moving money around I was relegated to the grocery store. Now cold weather is coming, so we were trying to stock up on soda for him, which was on sale. Of course there was a 4 liter limit. So, I made three trips in and out of the store, with my four bottles .... and various other items I picked up on each trip. Then he made a final 4th trip, so we came up with 16 bottles, enough to last a couple weeks. We can be snowed in now .... hopeful I have not awakened the god of the arctic to come dump on us by saying that.

Well since I wrote the paragraph above the evening news came on and I just saw that in the first ten days of January our temperature average has been 65 degrees .... 17 above average. Also this Saturday and Sunday our lows are supposed to be around 22, a high on Sunday of 36. BRRRRR.

We also changed out a filter for the water purifier, pretty exciting stuff there!

Silly enjoyed a few hours in the sun, out on her throne. She saw no reason to get involved with anything except the unpacking of groceries and rewrapping meat. Quality control expert that she is, she did say everything looked good and if we wanted to cook it all up tonight she’s be around to taste test.

I got some knitting done, and things are progressing on the bear.

We heard back from the house people and they expect to have blueprints of the new plan this week. We found out it is only 1 floor with 3 bedrooms, so probably not what we hoped. We thought it would still have an upstairs bonus room which Eric could use for the train set up. Since we do want a dedicated guest room, this would not work out, we'd be one room short with only 3, either no sewing/craft room, or no train room.

Looks like we are not going to go to Baltimore, but then that could change too! Tomorrow is supposed to be nearly 70!

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