Saturday, January 15, 2005

Purfect Purring Princess - AKA Silly Kitty

The purring princess has added a new routine to her already long list of eccentric cat habits.

At night when I go to bed the normal routine was to change into jammies, bathroom routine, etc, hop in bed, Eric comes in and we talk, and then once I lay down Silly would crawl up on my lower legs. Prior to this ritual, she was usually sitting at the foot of the bed waiting for me as I went through my routine, as of course, she was the one telling us it was bedtime. Now, once I lay down, she comes up to the head of the bed and sniffs my entire face, then waits for me to extend my left arm - she then curls up next to me with her head on my wrist. If Eric and I talk awhile, she glares at him and will not lay down until he leaves. If I try to ignore her, she will tap on the covers near my ear to let me know she is there, waiting! How could I be so insensitive? Weird cat! Of course, once Eric comes to bed, usually 1-2 hours later, she moves over to lay on him! He is the preferred Bed Unit as he is warmer! Smart cat!!

Mike I wonder if you have found your pistachios or not? On Jeopardy one night this week one of the clues was about pistachios. They showed them growing on trees (obviously) and said they were used for oil - pistachio oil! Of course this has nothing to do with Mike finding, or losing, his nuts .... Perhaps he ate them all when he was busy reading and just forgot! I can see that happening to me when I was in the middle of a good book. I didn’t know he exhibited some of the family traits (from Dad I think) of not remembering where something was. Mom only looses things when they disappear in a freak accident. Like the missing earring episode when I was there last year

As she took of the stud she heard the jacket of the earring fall. We all searched the dresser top, pulled out drawers, pulled out the dresser ( on different days in different light) ), and still no earring. Finally after I went home, she pulled everything out again, and there, on the ledge between the mirror and the dresser top, in the back of the dresser she found the earring. We all looked down on the floor, and it had never actually fallen all the way, Maybe this has some hint for Mike and his nuts .... Look up high!

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