Wednesday, January 19, 2005

No Place To Hide

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On GMA (Good Morning America) the author of this new book was interviewed this morning. The gist of the conversation he had with Charlie Gibson was that Americans are increasingly giving up their privacy without even being aware. Advertising companies are collecting data about everything we buy from our sales receipts (those keychain tags we use at the grocery store) and other agencies gather information about where we are though out the day though these same receipts, pass tags, biometric recognition, pass number codes to enter buildings, etc. They said the average person is under camera surveillance approximately 200 times a day.

Well, that got me thinking, I am not helping those statistics at all. With wind chills below 10, I have not been off the boat in a little over two days. Though, today will be different because of two things. The first is that the pond has frozen over and I want to go out and try to take a picture for the blog today. That will also drive me going up to the office to be able to upload the picture (if I get a good one). As long as I am there, I might as well surf a bit and enjoy the warm office. (Not that we are not warm on the boat). The second adventure out later this evening will be to go to Yoga. However, yoga has been cancelled the last two weeks due to conflicts with the room we use, so that may change too. So much adventure! How can my heart take it you ask? Add to that, we are supposed to get snow this afternoon. So maybe I’ll even get some snow shots .... I am thinking I’ll have to carry the camera to Yoga as we have great views from the deck upstairs. Ah the possibilities!

Back to being spied upon. I mentioned to Eric we were not helping the statistics- we have not changed our location. He reminded me that since I was online last night my where abouts were still interesting and known. I had used the cell phone. Of course how exciting was that information to the one assigned to watch me? .... I see it now, “She is still on that boat ... Get a life”. He also pointed out that we have had to replace at least 6 overhead light bulbs in the last year, and that undoubtedly, those bulbs were really cameras tracking our moves. Probably ordered by the feline fanatic that lives with us. She undoubtedly worries we might be eating something good when she is sleeping and needs to know that information so she can make our lives a living hell when she is awake and in a mood!

So what have I been doing the last 3 days .... You guessed it, Knitting, Reading, Being a cat heater unit, and using the computer, cleaning, etc, etc. Just a variation of those things. If you want to see what I am knitting you will have to visit the other blog, I should have something new there soon.

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