Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I'm getting too old for this!

Since the new year, for some strange reason, I have been awake for extended hours of the night. It’s after midnight now, and the previous two nights, I finally made myself go to bed at 2am. What is even more remarkable is that I have not had to take a nap the following day either. This is from someone who is usually asleep 5 minutes after they hit the pillow at 10pm. I guess I should be glad, I’ve read, knitted, surfed the web, petted the cat and in general, stayed out of trouble. My web surfing is limited by the phone battery, and just to show how bad my insomnia is, last night I even recharged the battery and had a second go around surfing!

I think I have to partially blame this on the blog(s). Mike and I keep trying to find things to add to our Blog, and so, once one of us finds something new, the other has to try it and look for something else the other hasn’t seen. I guess it is all in a spirit of making the blog interesting. Last night I even decided I would split my Blog, so now if you look at Floats, Knits and Purls you will see that all my knitting stuff (and quilting) is going to be there. There is also a link to it in the Knitting Links side bar of my main blog. I have to blame Anne for that idea though, as she separated her blog into two first. Anyhow, I am blog happy now .... If only the phone was charged up I could be surfing for more neat things!

Mike, I noticed tonight at the All Consuming site, one of the most popular books being talked about is about blogs. I can’t get back online right now, but I may check it out and see if the library happens to have it. I did sign up on this site, but wasn’t able to get the code to do anything, but I think that is due to me not doing something in the right order. The phone started beeping at me and I had to abandon that midair. Anyhow, if you sign up, we can list each other as friends and somehow be notified when our lists change. Yada Yada Yada.

Eric is concerned that this whole blog thing is a way for the world to spy on us. I guess I am too trusting, and he is too private and probably right in his concern. He will no longer go to Yahoo because of the spy stuff they are doing – tracking your Internet use. They can see everything you have done on your browser. His thought is to get another browser to use only with Yahoo, maybe Mozilla.

So, blog aside, today was beautiful and almost 70 degrees. We are about 20 degrees higher than normal, which is a good thing for DH (dear Husband) as you all know how much he hates the cold.

Ops, definitely getting late, the cat has just come out of the bedroom for her after catnap (after midnight) snack and will be meowing at me that it is time to go to bed! She likes to have all (both) her humans in one spot where she can keep an eye on us. Since Eric has been asleep for hours now she is divided!

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