Thursday, January 13, 2005

Winter Is Coming

Well, it looks like we are in for winter now, our 75 degree days are over and now I will be facing falling temperatures, a cat who won't even poke her head outside and a grumpy captain. Oh Boy!

We just got water back today - the powers that be turned it off these last few days and replaced all the pipes under our dock. So today we did all those things we do when we know water is about to be turned off indefinitely, we took showers, defrosted the freezer (we spray hot water in it) filled the water tank and all the extra bottles we use for small things. All the plants are watered and we are set. The forecast is for at least 5 days in the 20's at night. We are hoping this is not going to be the beginning of another long seige like last year. Some weather guru on the nightly news said the East was in for a colder than normal winter, now that it was really arriving. Great cheers from you know who.

Out house person was out of the office today in Richmond, so no news on that front. Nothing else exciting happening here.

I am pleased to know I am only 3 degrees removed from Abe Lincoln. I knew I was glad Mike was my brother!

Tomorrow, I sew up bear! I should have pictures by this weekend.

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