Friday, January 14, 2005

Gale WInds

Tornado Watch, Gale Force Winds, Temperature drops 30 degrees in 3 hours, due to drop another 30 over night! Now we might have snow flurries on Sunday. Are we having Fun? Mike and Sally, are you smiling!!! We also got an inch and a half of rain. Last night as the winds started I thought of all those old movies that show a bottle rolling across a table below decks on a ship. We were rocking enough last night to have that happen. It isn’t often that the winds do that to us.

Needless to say, it was not a very eventful day. I watched Return of the King as it was the most exciting thing I could think of to do! I did work on Bear, he needs his legs sewn together, and then I will be ready to stuff all of him. So far, I think he will be cute.

Becky called this morning, and we talked awhile, then Zack wanted to talk to me and tell me about his new kitchen (toy). He said he has pots and pans! I asked if he wanted to tell Eric about it and he said no, he was watching Noggin. (that’s a children’s TV channel in case Mom and Dad don’t know). Becky limits his TV to 30 minutes a day, but he does love it. She said every one comes in second when Noggin is on!

Tomorrow I hope to get a lot done, finish up the bear, work on socks and maybe do some internet research on a few things. Being as it is the weekend and the weather is so iffy, I doubt we will be going anywhere.

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