Sunday, January 02, 2005

Tweaking the blog

I spent the best part of this morning working on the blog again, hopefully making the text more Parent friendly, that is, larger and darker. So anyone out there who has a comment, just check down the side bar and look for “Siily Says” and email me with the link there – and tell me what you think.

This HTML is really interesting. I have found a new page I think I like :Dave Raggett's Introduction to CSS.It seems pretty straight forward to me and the color selector section was great for making the text darker. I can see this blog thing is a work in progress. And as long as my brother and I both strive to outdo each other, new things should keep cropping up! It’s also been great for us keeping in touch. What do you think those of you who read it?

Well, It's way past time to get out of the PJ’s and the phone battery should be about maxed out .... More later.


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