Friday, January 21, 2005


Today was uneventful, in that nothing much changed here. We woke up to about an inch of snow that fell overnight. Silly's take on the day was to sleep all day. She only had a brief visit to the cockpit when the sun came out in the afternoon.

Zachary called this morning to tell me he had Dracula teeth - the funny thing was that he was trying to show them to me though the phone. Becky said he takes them out after snarling loud and says "It's only me!" He got more snow than we did and Becky said they did make a pretty good sized snowman. The first time it snowed his snowman was kept in the freezer, it was only 6 inches tall!

I worked on the sweater for Skyler and got it all finished except for sewing on the buttons. You can see a picture at my knitting blog.

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Anonymous said...

We have covered all plants and are hunkering down for cold front due this afternoon. Have to get in little more wood before it turns colder this afternoon. See you are having pretty cold day already. Silly may not be so Silly after all! Have African American Mass tomorrow and lunch after so will go to it. Otherwise might have gone tonight. Are you interested in a Capital One Go Miles Visa Platinum Card? If so request for one is here and will hold it. All for now - Love You All -Dad and Mom