Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Snow-on-Ice on the POND!

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This is an update to the post that is below, writen later today. I didn't go up to the office because the office closed early, And why you ask? Because it snowed.!! So, in addition to the picture of ice on the pond, I have pictures of snow on the ice! Pretty cool I thought!

Yoga was cancelled (again .... sigh) but that was because Lisa, our teacher, was in the hospital, with her daughter who is having a baby! Good thing she and her daughter got there before the snow started, because between 3 and 4 o'clock this afternoon there were 101 car accidents. Obviously since we have been below freezing for days, snow on top of ice made roads a mess.

The news tonight showed the highways at rush hour. VDOT (Virginia Dept. of Transportation) couldn't get out onto the highways, or was stuck in traffic, because all the folks going home from work were on the highways ..... except no one was moving .... It looked like a giant parking lot. The state police were interviewed and they asked people to just go to the malls and get off the roads, so that the VDOT trucks could get out and sand and salt.

You'd think these folks would understand. Has it never snowed here before?

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