Sunday, January 23, 2005

What wrong here?

What wrong here?
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Here I am sitting in the boat salon. I have on sock liners, wool socks, winter boots, long underwear bottoms, thin yoga pants, cotton dockers, long sleeve turtleneck, flannel pajama top, wool sweater, polar fleece hat, wool scarf, and wool mitens. I am still COLD!!! I am covered by triple layer cotton lap cover and have a Silly cat glued to me. Could it be because we could see out breath inside the boat this morning?

Yesterday we started the day with snow, then came sleet, then rain. Around 9:45pm the 4o knot winds began, and we heard a giant clap of thunder and a flash of lightening. We both commented on how unusual that was for winter. No less than 10 minutes later we heard a giant boom, the lights went out, and the sky light up like the Fourth of July .... only the crackle and pop kept up for nearly 5 minutes. We saw brilliant white light, blue light, yellow light and the sound of crispy crackling. Then the sound of fire trucks, police, etc. We could see steam coming up over the housetops between us and the power station that is less than a mile and a half from us.

You bet your life, could this winter's saga get any better? Say it isn't snow!!! HA HA ... We were without heat 13 and a half hours. Not one minute too long in my estimation. Did you know you can make coffee with a tupperware strainer (the yellow one), a coffee filter and two pans! Yahoo - how can we be having so much fun? Finally got heat about noon, cat has unglued herself from us and the heaters are still working like little trojans to make up the difference. That house is just not going to get here soon enough!

Oh did I forget to say the generator who gave us so much grief last year, would not start .... so that added to the adventure too. Not sure if it is too cold, fuel is clogged or what. I refused to let Eric go outside in the cockpit to open the locker where the generator lives to try to bleed the line. After all, enough if enough.

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