Thursday, January 27, 2005

Nothing new under the sun

Mike says all is quiet on his front. I guess I can say the same thing. There is nothing new under the sun here. It is cold, same story, about 20 at night, barely 32 in day. Fortunately, the two new heaters we purchased on Monday to replace the one that died of old age are working very well! No more complaints from “you know who” about the temperatures inside the boat. In spite of today's lows and the wind, we were both in short sleeves inside. Granted, I didn’t go outside. But, we are snug down below.

Other non-news, the generator still continues to stymie best efforts at repair. It is sucking air somewhere – we just can’t figure out where. Note, I say we, I mean, he can’t figure out where. I only sympathize. We didn’t work on it today at all, 6 hours crawling around yesterday was enough fun for a few days. Maybe tomorrow we will work up the enthusiasm.

Zachary called me this morning at 8, just as I was getting up. We actually had a very nice conversation and I could understand most everything he had to report. He said Maddie was better, but still had a fever. Becky reports they are stir crazy from not being able to get out and about, especially Zach who needs to get rid of excess energy! She’ll be glad for a break in the weather. She invited us to come up next week, probably on Tuesday. She needs to take Maddie back to the allergist on Wednesday and also wants to go and visit the pre-schoolshe is checking on for Zack for next fall. So, we will go and help her. We are also going to go to look at the house again and also check out another area we have heard about.

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